Speakers - Virtual Business Cards

Practice Presentations

CHIL-DISH project - Kristos Mavrostomos and Anna van der Lei

Adapting design practices for local food markets - Alexandra dos Santos and Joana Lessa

Curious Cuisine – Bringing Culinary Creativity Home - Júlia Nacsa

Sensory tasting Creative S(ol)UCTIONS - Ivana Carmen Mottola

Slow Tofu - Weiwei Wang

Research Presentations

The taste of the sound or the sound of the taste? How sounding packaging influence food perception - Beatrice Lerma, Doriana Dal Palu', and Eleonora Buiatti

Solo Dining: Rethinking Solitary Lifestyle of City Dwellers - Emily Cheng

Designing Gender: Masculinity and Food Packaging - Emily Contois

Futureproof your food: healthy snacking brand design for success at shelf and beyond - Liza Murphy

Using Molecular Gastronomy for Good - Annet Hoek and Vitish Guddoy