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Let's talk about Eating Design - With We Crave Design

May 30, 5pm GMT+2

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We Crave Design - We love to establish interactions, create stories and memorable moments. Working in collaboration with chefs we manage to break cultural traditions pushing our guest to surpass their limits by enhancing their relationship with food.

Vanessa Redondo - Founder and Creative Director We Crave Design - She began her carrier as an Architect but her eager desire to convey her perspective of the world led her to study photography and design. As a conceptual designer, Vanessa is passionate about creating interactions between various creative disciplines to express an idea and believes in diversity as a strategy to achieve a distinctive concept. Drawn by challenges and new perspectives, her style fades away the boundaries between art, design and architecture in an attempt to return to the value of neatly handcrafted and unique objects.

Ana Carel Hernandez - Material Science Engineer - As a material science engineer with a strong fascination towards design disciplines, Ana has always tried to look for a meaning to everything she does while merging her two passions: Science and design. With this in mind, she forges a new innovation language into products that have a straight relationship with the user.

Simplicity in Eating Design - With Less Table

June 6, 5pm GMT+2

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LESS TABLE is a creative design studio whose activities are broadly related to food and eating, sensations and values. Studio existence based on the trinity. Firstly, Julija is the maternity, maturity and tact. She is a lecturer in the department of Design at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Because of her the laboratory of food and design was established there and new food design discipline was introduced. Also, Ugnė is the voice of conscience and simplicity coming from nature. She built her attitude during wild traveling by boat between two worlds. And finally, Živilė is philosophy and criticality. She found her passion in a master degree on topics related to importance between food and feast traditions. Basically, all girls met in Vilnius Academy of Arts during bachelor studies of product design as lecturer and students 8 years ago. Eventually, they found food as a common interest and since then they can't stop playing with food. Now LESS TABLE creates new ways of understanding food and new ways to eat, where respect for great simplicity goes hand in hand with instincts and an appetite for sincere emotions.

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