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Food Design Inspirations

Welcome to this mini-series Food Design Inspirations. New episodes are published every Wednesday! Episode 1 This episode is TIME SENSITIVE: These are 5 Food Design crowdfunding projects for foodies, environmentalists, home farmers, baristas, cafe owners, and health and fitness enthusiasts, to go...


7 Food Design ideas for 2017

Here are 7 Food Design ideas to use in 2017. Whether you're looking for inspiration for a new project or for a re-design project, these are the 7 most important trajectories the food world is taking, and something Food Designers should be take as inspiration!


Food psychology for Food Design

At the beginning of the Food Design process we do research to understand the design context and target user. Usually our target users are human beings…. who, because of the nature of Food Design itself, interact with food. And this is exactly why Food Psychology is a discipline filled with useful...


What you should tell to the food company you want to work for...

I receive so many emails from young food designers asking me how they can make it in the food industry. The truth is that still, too many food companies have no idea who a food designer is and what he can do. I'm doing all I can - and so are many other people - to push Food Design out there, but...


The Food Design Target

How do I design a food product, a service, a dish, an eating event or a food truck that makes people go “wow”? I thought about this question for a looooong time, and I condensed my answer into a simple diagram, which I call the Food Design Target. A diagram, or a target, that visualises all the...


Food Design for Gnocchi!

I went back to Italy to visit my family, and of course my mum made gnocchi! So, how could I not make a video about it? With gnocchi we learn about two essential, very important, perfectly designed products from Design For Food. Enjoy!